Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Bad Baby Blanket Lust

As a long time BUST subscriber I have loved Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'n Bitch series since the first book, they introduced me to knitting which is now my #1 hobby. When the knitters handbook arrived I my postbox I eagerly leaved through the projects and drooled over the alien scarf knitty & bunny hats, not to mention the princess snowball bed, all of which have engrossed me for many hours. The last project in this book I desire is the Big Bad Baby Blanket:

I've eagerly checked out others versions on Craftster and since I first saw it had it earmarked for my bub. Well now the time to get clacking it upon me I am in a true quandary.
  1. Firstly I hear it's a challenging project and I have big plans for the next few months.
  2. Secondly it seems to need Koigu, at $12 Skein plus postage will set me back over $100. That's OK for what it is I guess and I think it will be cherished, but means it can't go into the cupboard of abandoned projects
  3. My knitting track record is flailing of late, I have had an unfinished Prepster Cardigan in Katia Mississippi from 6 months ago. I loved it, but got stuck (first big crochet pattern) and never went back. I also have an unfinished top from Knitty and only just started a jumper from Son of a Stitch in bitch for my man, which I am loosing interest in, especially since my desire for the BBBB is taking over. I think I need to close the deal on something before starting a 4th project.. but I don't know what to finish.

Ah I think I need to mull this one for a while longer. Maybe I should really commit to the jumper I am making then reward myself with 8 Skeins of Koigu!

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