Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Bad Baby Blanket Lust

As a long time BUST subscriber I have loved Debbie Stoller's Stitch 'n Bitch series since the first book, they introduced me to knitting which is now my #1 hobby. When the knitters handbook arrived I my postbox I eagerly leaved through the projects and drooled over the alien scarf knitty & bunny hats, not to mention the princess snowball bed, all of which have engrossed me for many hours. The last project in this book I desire is the Big Bad Baby Blanket:

I've eagerly checked out others versions on Craftster and since I first saw it had it earmarked for my bub. Well now the time to get clacking it upon me I am in a true quandary.
  1. Firstly I hear it's a challenging project and I have big plans for the next few months.
  2. Secondly it seems to need Koigu, at $12 Skein plus postage will set me back over $100. That's OK for what it is I guess and I think it will be cherished, but means it can't go into the cupboard of abandoned projects
  3. My knitting track record is flailing of late, I have had an unfinished Prepster Cardigan in Katia Mississippi from 6 months ago. I loved it, but got stuck (first big crochet pattern) and never went back. I also have an unfinished top from Knitty and only just started a jumper from Son of a Stitch in bitch for my man, which I am loosing interest in, especially since my desire for the BBBB is taking over. I think I need to close the deal on something before starting a 4th project.. but I don't know what to finish.

Ah I think I need to mull this one for a while longer. Maybe I should really commit to the jumper I am making then reward myself with 8 Skeins of Koigu!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A pram of ones own

We have a pram, I have been lusting after the Phil & Teds Sport for some time and have found one at quite a bargain.
I am very enthusiastic about pram liners, I have been trying to find instructions for them to no avail. I am yet to make them but this afternoon drafted a pattern for them. I can't wait to get started on them!

Happy sewing, 


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Naked Windows

Lincraft had a massive sale today and had 50% off all furnishing fabrics, bad timing for the bank with my nearest and dearest away on a business trip. As as with any fabric mission I have been on I didn't end up with what I went in for and instead bought fabric for the Nursery.

And here it is, a Sage coloured fake silk with pleated lines. I specifically didn't want a childish fabric but instead something that blended with the general natural feel I was going for but was elegant. It is normally $21/meter. I also picked up some 3 pass lining with a 2.36 drop with tape.

I'm not 100% sold on it as yet, I am alternating adoring it and wondering what I was thinking. Although considering they were both 50% I am quite pleased with buying both fabric and lining for
$ 74.34.

Still need to get the tape, hooks and curtain rod, but for now I feel happy with my first evidence of progress on this project.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Picking a nursery theme is difficult. I have never been one for theme's in general and picking one for someone who doesn't exist yet seems strange. What we do have to take inspiration from though is the room itself.
The carpet is very neutral and the walls are a neural yellow, which is throughout the house. It's Dulux Cowardly Custard, but doesn't appear this yellow in real life. There are no curtains or blinds on the french doors which we'll have to fix- especially as the morning sun hits them the room gets quite hot. The window has nice wooden blinds though - cord tidy absent.
What I love about this room is the view, our block is very steep and our and our neighbours yards are very densely green (code for overgrown) which is lovely. The green attracts so many birds the back of the house has a lovely natural feel. Hence we've decided to build on this and have a very natural forest-esk theme.

I have wool!

I spent alot of time pondering if I should get Koigu for the BBBB, I did really want it and was going to fork out the $12/skein for it. The catch was being hand dyed I really wanted to pick my dye lot which is not an option over the Internet and no one in QLD has heard of it it seems.

I came across this blanket however and was really impressed by the blend of tweed with the pink, the close photos show it has a lovely texture. So I decided to commit to blending 2 wools to give the interest and texture of the one in the book. I have even purchased some wool (please excuse the mobile phone pictures, my hubby has our camera overseas this weekend):

It is 100% wool Merino (on sale for $3.10/skein) & Moda Vera Sock yarn ($3.30/skein).

If it goes well I do still want a Koigu one and may still go that route. But for now, my substitutes seem nice and I'm happy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Burp Cloths

Starting with these Burp Cloths, they are inspired by Burp Armor, which are lovely organic burp cloths, but at US$27 a pop they aren't really practical for me unfortunately. Cue my weekend project..

Burp Cloths How to

Cost: $5.92 (each)
Time: about 90 mins (each)

(makes 4 cloths)
0.6 mtrs corduroy for backing
1.2 mtrs low pill fleece
(optional) 0.3 mtrs quilting cotton for bias binding, or 180cm purchased binding.

The shape is three circles 21cm in diameter touching with the gaps smoothed over. Basically like this. The cloth should be about 55cm long.

I started with cutting a newspaper pattern based on the above diagram. Then get cutting! For each burp cloth you need 1 layer of Corduroy & 2 layers of fleece.

Once cut layer the two fleece sides, fluffy side out, then corduroy, ridged side facing out on the other side. Smooth out and pin. Like so:

Then I overlocked around the edges (my first overlocking ever!! My darling husband & beautiful mother gave me one for Christmas and I have been too scared to start until today, it's easier than it seemed, only took 4 months to pluck the courage.)

It then is technically finished, but I wanted to add some of the leaves fabric I love so much so made some Bias tape from it.

Using 30cm of it I cut a few 3.5cm bias strips. Then folded a 1/4 in on each side before folding in half again and pressing. Hey presto I have Bias Tape! Then pinned the tape around the edges of the cloth:

and... TA DA!!! (my bias tape is a little dodgy on this one, I was getting tired and may unpick and redo it, but still it's a very nice burp cloth.)