Sunday, April 6, 2008

Burp Cloths

Starting with these Burp Cloths, they are inspired by Burp Armor, which are lovely organic burp cloths, but at US$27 a pop they aren't really practical for me unfortunately. Cue my weekend project..

Burp Cloths How to

Cost: $5.92 (each)
Time: about 90 mins (each)

(makes 4 cloths)
0.6 mtrs corduroy for backing
1.2 mtrs low pill fleece
(optional) 0.3 mtrs quilting cotton for bias binding, or 180cm purchased binding.

The shape is three circles 21cm in diameter touching with the gaps smoothed over. Basically like this. The cloth should be about 55cm long.

I started with cutting a newspaper pattern based on the above diagram. Then get cutting! For each burp cloth you need 1 layer of Corduroy & 2 layers of fleece.

Once cut layer the two fleece sides, fluffy side out, then corduroy, ridged side facing out on the other side. Smooth out and pin. Like so:

Then I overlocked around the edges (my first overlocking ever!! My darling husband & beautiful mother gave me one for Christmas and I have been too scared to start until today, it's easier than it seemed, only took 4 months to pluck the courage.)

It then is technically finished, but I wanted to add some of the leaves fabric I love so much so made some Bias tape from it.

Using 30cm of it I cut a few 3.5cm bias strips. Then folded a 1/4 in on each side before folding in half again and pressing. Hey presto I have Bias Tape! Then pinned the tape around the edges of the cloth:

and... TA DA!!! (my bias tape is a little dodgy on this one, I was getting tired and may unpick and redo it, but still it's a very nice burp cloth.)

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