Monday, January 25, 2010

Tripp Trapp Cushion

My son and I adore the Tripp Trapp, the only part of this fantastic chair that disappoints is the cushion. We even forked out for the 'Premium' one because it had laminated fabric thinking it would be easier to keep clean, which it is compared to our other Stokke one which is linen, the major property of which seems to be an amazing ability to absorb any food consumed nearby.

So essentially to keep the chair clean you either need several cushions or to use it without one at all. Enter my new TT cushion, sporting some new and very cute $3.99/meter Ikea fabric, with foam the whole thing cost less than $9 and took an afternoon; good deal compared to $90 for a Stokke one. ;)

I plan on making more so will try to do a tute with another but really it is quite easy. Using Easytrace I copied the Stokke cushions, the key to the construction is that the front seam of the seat base & bottom seam of the seat back are over-locked closed after sewn together.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Teepee love

I want to make my beautiful boy a Teepee for the playroom, I have been very inspired by a few I've seen about.

I am being motivated by the way this one has been constructed with the guides for poles and the cute port-hole.

I adore, admire and covet the applique technique on the Mozzlehome ones.... for a mere £134.00 +pp.

So I've completed my favorite part of any project.... the shopping. ;)

I choose to use 6' Bamboo poles from Bunnings & 3m of 150cm wide Calico, and so far, with no sewing it seems to be pretty popular already!

Stay tuned for when it starts to take shape.