Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Naked Windows

Lincraft had a massive sale today and had 50% off all furnishing fabrics, bad timing for the bank with my nearest and dearest away on a business trip. As as with any fabric mission I have been on I didn't end up with what I went in for and instead bought fabric for the Nursery.

And here it is, a Sage coloured fake silk with pleated lines. I specifically didn't want a childish fabric but instead something that blended with the general natural feel I was going for but was elegant. It is normally $21/meter. I also picked up some 3 pass lining with a 2.36 drop with tape.

I'm not 100% sold on it as yet, I am alternating adoring it and wondering what I was thinking. Although considering they were both 50% I am quite pleased with buying both fabric and lining for
$ 74.34.

Still need to get the tape, hooks and curtain rod, but for now I feel happy with my first evidence of progress on this project.

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