Monday, April 7, 2008

I have wool!

I spent alot of time pondering if I should get Koigu for the BBBB, I did really want it and was going to fork out the $12/skein for it. The catch was being hand dyed I really wanted to pick my dye lot which is not an option over the Internet and no one in QLD has heard of it it seems.

I came across this blanket however and was really impressed by the blend of tweed with the pink, the close photos show it has a lovely texture. So I decided to commit to blending 2 wools to give the interest and texture of the one in the book. I have even purchased some wool (please excuse the mobile phone pictures, my hubby has our camera overseas this weekend):

It is 100% wool Merino (on sale for $3.10/skein) & Moda Vera Sock yarn ($3.30/skein).

If it goes well I do still want a Koigu one and may still go that route. But for now, my substitutes seem nice and I'm happy.

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