Saturday, May 3, 2008


When I was a little 80's child my bedroom had Grass-green carpet and 3 giant decals, I have no idea where my parents got them, but my word I loved them, and desperately wanted to find something similar. There was a Zebra which was about my height as a 5 year old, a Giraffe whose head popped above the top bunk and a tree. Unfortunately I can't find a photo of them to share, but trust me in my minds eye that room is cool.

I want to put those feelings into our children's space, but in a modern and stylish way. Wallies products are probably similar to what my parents used, and they do have a woodlands animal pack which is pretty. But neither know of an Australian supplier or feel right
having animals you never see outside a zoo here.
Googling will find endless examples of impressive professional murals like these, but suffer a combination of lack of skill and cash for such an investment. However my Googling did bring me to Redmag's excellent Blog Waiting in the Capital with this gorgeous mural she painted in her nursery. (Check out the adorable toys in her Etsy store, they are awesome.)

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