Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cot action

This Silky Oak cot is from 1945, my Grandparents bought it for my uncle & my dad. He then used it for my 2 sisters and I in the 70's. It's next vacation was masquerading as a settee in my parents entryway or a decade or 2 before my 2 little Nephews slept in it. (Excuse the mobile phone picture)

When my sister and her husband inherited it they did a little work on it, replaced the mattress and replaced the stretchy metal base with slats and tightened things up. I am just not sure it's safe enough. Choice has a guide which it does meet. (although only for what Choice calls the 'upper position') I am a little worried about the latch and the top of the cot as a catching hazard. Here's a picture:

I think Simplicity 3795 is pretty good for bedding. I love the box pleated valance out of the dots and will definitely make that and the sheets in the Spring leaves fabric. I think the pillow would be good for a chair in the nursery too.

The rest ranges from optional to strong dislike. I am tempted by the bumper, but probably won't because of safety. If I don't make the BBBB and have fabric left over may make the quilt. But not the net, I hate the flowers too and the round toy thing, don't know what that's about!


Darcie Peel said...


i was wondering if you made the quilt and bumper from this pattern? I am looking into it now and wondering the difficulty. (Just happened across your blog in the process!)

Jocelyn said...

Hi there,

No I didn't, we ended up buying a Boori Cot and it was too small, I drafted up my own pattern which worked much better and to be honest I wish I didn't buy the pattern now, I will post about the parts I made soon.

Hope that helps!