Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Jogger City Mini Liner

Since deciding to take my Baby Jogger City Mini to Sydney in May I thought it was finally time to make the liner I have been promising it since it joined the family. I have a whole new love of the Baby Jogger City Mini again now, as does Finn who keeps pointing at things on the liner.

I will post a tutorial for making a liner soon, I have changed my method slightly and like it much more. The BJCM one is slightly different because of the fold strap, but it was pretty simple really, the strap can unscrew on side and can be unthreaded, (which allows you to wash the seat also) then you just need 2 button holes to allow the strap to go through.

When I was done and fitting it back on, and congratulating myself on how well the fabric suited a holiday when I realized we're going in May and it will be cold so I made it a footmuff based on the zips and buttons. This is my first footmuff and I love it.


Kylie said...

I love this! I will be definitely be trying this for my brand new mini :) Can you share how you attached the footmuff exactly?

moshe said...

From where can I to buy it ?
pram liners this ?
My email moshebenjamin@gmail.com
Thank you

charlotty said...

Wow is all i can say i think the liner u have made is brill , i have just bought a mini double jogger as baby number 2 is on it way and have been looking into making my own but can not find a templete any where , i was wondering if u could possible send me a templete through the post and i will of course cover all postage cost , My email address is charlottevince@hotmail.com looking forward to hearing from u soon regards


Jocelyn said...


Thank you all!

I don't sell liners, but many people do on facebook. I have another BJCM post with all of the measurements I used for the liners which should help you in making one or to give to someone for making them.

I suggest looking up Pimp My Pram on facebook or Tin Whistle for buying liners, they are both made by very talented ladies.


Jasmine said...

This is fantastic. Really gorgeous! Are you able to post how you made the foot muff?? Want to make my little boy a liner and muff if i can manage it :D

Nicole Roy said...

I would love a templete so I have something to go by, is there anyway of getting a templete, measurements, picture & some kinda instrustion sent in the mail. I will for pay for them.
Please I would be great for this.
e-mail me at nicoleroy12@yahoo.ca

Donna Darlow said...

Hello, your liner is stunning. your choice of fabric really works with the blue. my city mini is green and all the sellers lack in green fabric so I'm going to make my own If I can get my hands on a template to follow. Please please can you email your template to me @ donna.darlow@gmail.com

Thank you thank you.

joy said...

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Jennifer Bull said...

Hi would you share your pram liner neasurements. I dont have a pram to measure, my daughter is expecting twins in 3 weeks and I would love to have a go at making some for her but she is in New York and I am in Sydney. Your styles are gorgeous. Cheers Jen

Silvia Jacinto said...

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