Sunday, April 18, 2010

Teepee progress

The teepee is able to be played in :) although not yet decorated. It was much quicker than I'd expected.

Using one of the poles as a guide I pinned and cut a 5'7" semi-circle with a 6" semi circle in the center top.

Then I cut 5 strips which were 7cm wide and about 6' long. I overlocked the edges and sewed them on at regular intervals. At first I sewed them with open ends, but the poles need pockets to get purchase, otherwise the teepee collapses.

Once they were done I finished the top opening then sewed 1/4 of the way down the front and hemmed it around the bottom.

I gave it a quick press and put the poles in. Hey Presto!

It does still need something tight at the top to stop the poles sliding out and it falling. For the time being it is working well with a scrap piece of calico. My husband is trying to suggest drilling holes to thread some wire but I'm unsure. It's working so far.

Stay tuned for the window and appliqué!

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