Saturday, November 8, 2008

Using starch to make fabric murals on a wall

A while ago I posted about the tree I painted on the nursery wall inspired by this very talented ladies blog. I have been thinking that the tree is a little plain and I remembered this post from ohdeedoh and finally put 2 and 2 together and decided to use starch to add fabric foliage to the tree.


Fabric to attach to the wall

1 can of spray starch or liquid starch

1 sponge, or I used a facewasher

Start by cutting the shapes you plan on attaching to the wall, I didn't bother edging them, once attached they don't seem to be prone to fraying.

Next make sure the wall is clean and dry, and the process for attaching them is really easy, first spray the starch on the wall, so it is damp.

Next place your fabric on the wall and smooth out, make sure it is all saturated. Remove any air bubbles it may have, though as it dry's I found a few returned.

Finally use the cloth or sponge to dab up any excess starch.

Once finished run your cloth or sponge under some water and clean up any starch marks. They dried in about 3 hours and they also just pull off.

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